The Mug

The Mug - Bob Gray - BobBlahBlah.comThis has been a tough month.

At a time when, I think, we collectively felt that we had turned a corner, and started fresh after a tough 2020, we were challenged by a surprisingly violent uprising in the US.

My main computer’s hard drive died in late December, which prompted a complete fresh start… which has been, and is, its own set of ongoing challenges.

There have been other challenges, as well, but that is not what this post is about.

This post is about my tea cup.

It has been my mug for 20+ years.

Had a lot of late night, and early morning, caffeine in it.

Occasionally, it has housed single malt scotch.

But again, it isn’t about the contents of the mug… it is about the mug itself.

It is worn, and has a chip… but has been there through a lot of stuff.

We live our lives, through storms, and calm times… we row our boats when we can, and ride out the waves when we can’t.

Through everything, there are constants in our lives, that keep us steady.  The fabulous people, and things, that keep us steady.

The people and things for which we are ever, exceedingly grateful.

May your mug always be full, and may you be sharing the bevvy of your choice with some awesome people.




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