Voting In Pitt Meadows Municipal Election 2022

Voting in the Pitt Meadows Municipal election is important. Your City Hall represents you, at the most immediate level… and you want people there who are hard-working, involved, responsive, and engaged in their Community… and not just engaged in in-fighting and bickering. (See our neighbours to the South)

Getting elected for office is more than just a 9 to 5 job. It is an evening and weekend gig, where showing up and representing Pitt Meadows, matters.

Pitt Meadows Municipal Election 2022 - Voting - BobBlahBlah.comLorie and I voted today.  On the way to the Polling Station, we saw a group of Candidates out, holding signs, and encouraging folks to vote.  Maybe it is because I have been involved in multiple campaigns, over the years, but that reinforced the choices and decisions I had made through research.

Folks who show up, who are engaged in their Community, who turn up at events in both good and bad weather, who share (on Social Media) what is happening at Council Meetings, who know what a wonderful place Pitt Meadows is, but are still working to make it better.

Some Candidates are running for their own reasons. I say that, because it isn’t clear what they are going to do, you can’t find their platforms or plans anywhere, and they are nowhere (physically) to be seen. It is wonderful that they are engaged in the election process, but, in my opinion, door-knocking and engaging with voters, shows who will “show up” and represent our City.  Putting out a couple of signs, isn’t enough.

I also believe it is important to have a mix of older experienced Council Members, mixed with fresh new energetic Councilors.

We know Nicole MacDonald will be our next Mayor. (She was acclaimed, as she ran un-opposed.)

My choices for Council are: Tracy Elke (Miyashita), Allison Evans, Mike Hayes, Mike Manion, Bob Meachen, & Gwen O’Connell. (Not that my choices matter.)

What DOES matter, is that you do your research, find the Candidates that are addressing the issues YOU are concerned about, and vote for them.
You can find more information about WHERE, WHEN and HOW to vote, at:

Get out and vote!
Pitt Meadows is our home… and our future!
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The Mug

The Mug - Bob Gray - BobBlahBlah.comThis has been a tough month.

At a time when, I think, we collectively felt that we had turned a corner, and started fresh after a tough 2020, we were challenged by a surprisingly violent uprising in the US.

My main computer’s hard drive died in late December, which prompted a complete fresh start… which has been, and is, its own set of ongoing challenges.

There have been other challenges, as well, but that is not what this post is about.

This post is about my tea cup.

It has been my mug for 20+ years.

Had a lot of late night, and early morning, caffeine in it.

Occasionally, it has housed single malt scotch.

But again, it isn’t about the contents of the mug… it is about the mug itself.

It is worn, and has a chip… but has been there through a lot of stuff.

We live our lives, through storms, and calm times… we row our boats when we can, and ride out the waves when we can’t.

Through everything, there are constants in our lives, that keep us steady.  The fabulous people, and things, that keep us steady.

The people and things for which we are ever, exceedingly grateful.

May your mug always be full, and may you be sharing the bevvy of your choice with some awesome people.




2020 Terry Fox Run in Pitt Meadows

As we all know too well, this year is challenging us to do things differently, and try things we never have before.*

After Terry Fox had to stop running, he said, “Even though I’m not running anymore, people should go ahead and try to do their own thing.” 

2020 Terry Fox Run in Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows - BobBlahBlah.comOn Sunday, September 20th, Canadians will be doing just that, by choosing a route and location to safely walk, run, bike, hike, paddle, skate or wheel. Although we will not be having our usual Pitt Meadows Community ceremony, and run in Spirit Square, we can all come together by doing our OWN thing and maintaining the tradition of Terry Fox Run Day in our hearts. With this year’s ‘ONE DAY YOUR WAY’ approach, participants are invited to register and fundraise (if and as much as they are able) at, and do something that works for them. This may be a family walk around the neighbourhood, a run with your companion, a paddle on one of our local waterways, a bike ride on the dyke or even something within your own home.

We are so blessed to live in beautiful Pitt Meadows, which is ideal for all kinds of outdoor activities! The important thing is to do something YOU are comfortable with the people you are close to. Let others know what you are doing on September 20 and encourage them to do their own Terry Fox thing too!

You can still get a Terry Fox Run t-shirt for $20.00 – they are available for sale at Sole Experience in Osprey Village (10995 Barnston View Rd in Pitt Meadows) which is open 10 am – 6 pm, Tuesday through Sunday.

You can  also order them, along with other 40th Anniversary merchandise at

In advance of Sunday, September 20th:

  • Remember to register and sign up at
  • Share this with your family and friends, and on Social Media
  • Purchase a Terry Fox shirt, and wear it with pride
  • Watch the video below, and think about how important it is to keep the ‘Marathon of Hope’ going!


Here is Rick Mercer with his remembrances of Terry’s run:


See you around Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge, on Sunday, September 20th!




* The lovely wording of most of the above text was cribbed from an email from Ali Wakeling, Terry Fox Run Coordinator Extraordinaire, for Maple Ridge / Pitt Meadows, who keeps everything “running” smoothly! 


Overseas Fabrics – Online Shop Now Open

As a follow-up to my previous “What’s In Store” Post, on this Blog, and amidst the mayhem of the COVID-19 coronavirus, I wanted to share that Overseas Fabrics Online Store is now up and running.

The Overseas Fabrics Team was still working on it, when the closure of stores started… but as any good business does in a crisis, they were able to pivot, and offer their products online, with proper social distancing and safety protocols that keep their customers happy, and their staff and customers all safe!

At a time when folks are rushing to start sewing fabric, washable, non-medical, anti-projection masks, the Team at Overseas Fabrics has rushed to facilitate rolling out their less expensive cotton fabrics, and dug through their stockpiles to find the much needed elastics and thread to help their community, with these, and many other projects to help pass the time.

Overseas Fabrics - Online Store Now Open - on the screen cap above, to go to their online store.)

In their hurry to help as many customers as possible, and having started with one of the largest selections of fabrics in BC… the task before them to list ALL their products, will take time.

In the meantime, the folks at Overseas Fabrics are working long days, to try to help support the folks in their community, who are rightfully scared of the Virus, and looking for ways to get the fabrics and sewing products they need, safely and efficiently.

In the images below, you can see the precautions they have taken, to organize contact-free delivery of their online purchases.

Overseas Fabrics - free contactless curb-side and storefront pickup -   Overseas Fabrics - free contactless curb-side and storefront pickup -

Kudos to the family-run business for their hard work in getting this running, and for continuing to just… BE AWESOME!

Overseas Fabrics store is located at 32853 Ventura Ave., Abbotsford, BC, V2S 6A3

Their online store is

Please check them out!


* I have said it before, but it bears repeating: The endorsement of this business was not bought. Nor was it paid for, by credits, free goods, discounted products or anything else. Any outside businesses, which are endorsed on the “What’s In Store” category of this Blog, are endorsed, because they are good businesses, that I frequent (or have frequented) and believe they are worthy of mention.

I do not accept payment or remuneration of any kind, for any of my Posts.


Overseas Fabrics

It has been a REALLY long time, since I have encountered a business that made me want to write about them.  That changed last weekend, and was confirmed today, when we visited Overseas Fabrics, a fabric store in Abbotsford.

Yes, I’m going to let you think about that for a minute…

Bob is writing about the fantastic retail experience he had at… “A Fabric Store.

Think about EVERY experience, or just the expectations you’ve had while shopping for fabric. It probably goes something like this:

You wander aimlessly through a maze of seemingly endless circular tables, which are often sorted by pattern-based themes or colours, rather than by fabric type… until you finally find some appropriate fabric, at which time you take the fabric to the cutting table, and then start searching anew, only this time, looking for an employee… any employee… to cut the fabric.  You finally find someone, who, amid heavy sighs, begrudgingly cuts your fabric.  You pay, and leave, grateful that the ordeal is over.

Overseas Fabrics is a COMPLETELY different experience.

Overseas Fabrics - Overlooking the store from the mezzanine - BobBlahBlah.comThey do check all the boxes you would expect…

• A huge store, full of beautiful fabrics, notions and accessories.

• Well organized, so that you can shop easily.

Nothing really unusual, or blog-worthy, there.

Where Overseas Fabrics separates itself, and pulls away from its competition…

• Great prices, every day.

• Their people – who give a warm greeting when you arrive, and offer service with friendly enthusiasm. 

Overseas Fabrics is a family-owned and run business, and you feel that, from the owners and staff alike, in the quality of service they provide, and care that they take in ensuring their customers leave happy, having bought quality products, at great prices.  They have been in business for 26 years, and they are now working on a web store to help those folks who can’t make the drive out to Abbotsford, but still want quality fabrics, at great prices!

Their website says they have over 90,000 fabrics in stock in their store, and that they are the largest fabric store of its kind, in Western Canada. I believe it!

When we arrived at Overseas Fabrics for the first time, we were enthusiastically greeted by the gentleman at the front, like we were long lost friends.  We got similar greetings from all the other staff, as we moved throughout the store.  Several times we were approached, and asked if we needed help.

Shortly after we arrived, we were asked if we had shopped there before, as Overseas Fabrics have a different approach.  They don’t play the “wheel of discounts” game… they buy in volume and pass it along, every day… No inflated prices with bogus discounts.  On every roll of fabric, there are two prices and a quantity.  That’s it.  (For example: $7 for buying one metre, and $5 for buying over a metre.)

The reason we found Overseas Fabrics, Lorie needed some brightly-coloured material for a project, and thought Sari fabrics would be perfect.  She searched the web, and on a sunny Saturday, we headed for Abbotsford.

I drove her out there, and when we got there, I wasn’t treated like a husband and ignored, I was treated as if I might be the customer.  (Stranger things could happen!)

All in all, I cannot recommend Overseas Fabrics more highly.  If you are looking for fabrics or sewing supplies for a project, check them out!

Their store is located at 32853 Ventura Avenue in Abbotsford, and is open Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm.  Closed Sunday.

Their website is

Edited April 2020: Their Online Store is now up and running… and fantastic!

You can find them on Instagram, and Facebook (where they have amazing reviews!)

Here are a few photos, to try to give you a sense of the immense variety of products they carry… (Click on any image to open a pop-up window)

Overseas Fabrics - Aisles and aisles of beautiful fabrics - Overseas Fabrics - Aisles and aisles of beautiful fabrics -
Overseas Fabrics - One aisle of the mezzanine -


* I have said it before, but it bears repeating: The endorsement of this business was not bought. Nor was it paid for, by credits, free goods, discounted products or anything else. Any outside businesses, which are endorsed on the “What’s In Store” category of this Blog, are endorsed, because they are good businesses, that I frequent (or have frequented) and believe they are worthy of mention.

I do not accept payment or remuneration of any kind, for any of my Posts.



I was a child of the 60s.

My first real tangible memories, are the touchstones of the times.

The music of the late 60s and early 70s.

NHL League expansion.

Nuclear testing in Kamchatka.


The NASA missions to space, and to the Moon.


My father worked for local radio stations and then the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (the CBC), and our home and dinner table was often a gathering place and nexus for discussions regarding arts, science, politics, music, and other current events that were in the zeitgeist.

I was very young, and viewed the world with a black and white sense of idealism, that had no sense of the many shades of gray that lay between the two extremes of right and wrong.

So, I had no sense of understanding for my Father, who, after a long year of working, would choose to spend our holiday time in Penticton, in front of a TV set, watching the Watergate Hearings, rather than spending time enjoying the local lakefront.

Cut to current day, where my wife and I scan the headlines, morning and night, to find the latest development, with an American President who seems to have lost his moral compass, is openly dismissive of the Press, and have a measured disdain for minorities…

Dad… I get it.

It was further brought into focus, by watching the CNN show “Tricky Dick” – a series of four programs that, using ONLY footage and audio from the Nixon era, presented the timeline of Richard M. Nixon’s rise to power, and fall from grace.

It seems that many, back then, did not recognize the signs along the way… and looks like many US citizens are repeating a lesson they did not learn the first time.

One of my Dad’s favourite quotes, from John Dalberg-Acton (1834-1902):

“I cannot accept your canon that we are to judge Pope and King unlike other men, with a favorable presumption that they did no wrong. If there is any presumption it is the other way against holders of power, increasing as the power increases. Historic responsibility has to make up for the want of legal responsibility. Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

I get it, Dad. I get it.